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Talking Clock 2.0

This tool sets the correct time on your computer and announces it
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Talking clock is a tool intended for time setting and time announcing. The program is easy to use and has only two main functions. The first one is setting the time on your computer in accordance with the NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cesium clock. The second function consists in announcing the time. Speech settings allow you to select the type of voice for the time announcements and adjust volume and rate of the voice. The number of voices depends on the version of Windows system you are using. The time announcement option allows you to decide yourself when the program should announce the time. You can make program announce the time every fifteen minutes, every thirty minutes, every hour or never.
In the settings window there is a web link to the web server of the clock. If you want you can enter some other URL, which will link you to the time-setting server. The program can set time every time it is launched. There is an option making the program wait for some period of time after starting and then set time automatically. This is an open source application and it is distributed for free.

Damir Buzikov
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